Double-spiral-belt Concrete Mixer



Double-spiral-belt Concrete Mixer Introduction:

The Double-spiral-belt Concrete Mixer JSS500~4000 is one of our company’s new product. Its design is based on Germany technology and combines our company’s new shaft end sealing technique paten (Paten No.: ZL2007 2 009871.2). This new design machine has many advantages, high mixing efficiency, well mixing evenness, low noise, less power consumption, nice sealing, reasonable structure design, easy maintenance and long working service.

It shows the developing trends of the construction machinery. Insisting on the tenet of tech deciding quality and service bring value, we Zhengzhou Changli Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. are devoted to supply more professional, more practical, safer and more efficient construction machinery.

JSS Series Concrete Mixer main characters:

1.High Mixing Efficiency, well mixing evenness.

Double-spiral-belt continuous mixing blades, instead of traditional shovel mixing blades. Then can be shorten the mixing time at least 50% and the mixing evenness can improve 15%.

2.Adopting new multiple sealing patent (Paten No. is ZL20072009871.2), and imported sealing elements, the sealing performance of the mixer is nice and machinery working life is longer.

3.Equipped with imported gear reducer or high reliable reducer. Customers can choose depending on own requirement.

4.Top-level automatic lubricating pump. Centralized lubrication supplying ensures the shaft end sealing more durable.

5.Power safety locks design, so as to assure life safety.

6.Exquisite processing is the reliable guarantee of the product quality.

a.The stress treatment of the welding between endplate and mixing bin adopts integrally annealed skill or aging treatment, avoiding stress deformation

b.Large numerical control coordinate borer is used to process mixing shaft and bearing mouth, ensuring the shafts concentricity and accuracy.

c.Sand-blasting skills can make the paint more durable and product more beautiful.

d.Strict tests, including mixer’s temperature rising, vibration, noise, etc, through production, assembly and portability. It is necessary to guarantee the quality of products.

Feeding Capacity 4000L
Discharge Capacity 6000L
Productivity 240m³/h
Mixing Motor 2 x 75KW
Mixing Speed 21.37r/m
Weight 16,000kg
Overall Dimension 4,300 x 3,000 x 2,600mm
Discharge Height 4,200mm